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how to fox google shopping issues

Top Google Shopping Issues and How to Fix Them

To get the most out of Google Shopping and Google Ads, you need to consider many factors, including the quality of product feeds, compliance with Google policies and rules, bidding strategy, the accuracy of product data, etc. All this may sound like too much but, with a systematic approach, all of this can be tackled easily. In this article, we’ll cover the main aspects that you should pay the most attention to when making your way to success on Google Shopping.

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6 Essential Google Shopping Optimisation Tips [+Free Guide]

In this article, we'll cover the essential tips on how to optimise your performance on Google Shopping—from getting the feeds and attributes sorted to improving bidding and campaign strategies, and firing up automated solutions. Also, there's a free guide inside this blog post!

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how to manage google shopping feeds for shopify

5 Paid Google Shopping Feed Plugins for Shopify

For some shops and e-commerce retailers, using free plugins to set up a Google Shopping product feed may not be enough because they need more extensive functionality and options. Let's look at paid Shopify plugins for creating product feeds for Google Shopping.

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How to Fix and Avoid Low Ad Performance on Google Performance Max

The introduction of Performance Max made quite a splash in November 2021. The idea behind the new campaign type was simple—to allow the advertiser access to all of their Google Ads inventory from a single point of entry and let AI do the job. At the same time, it also triggered the need to develop new skills.

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how to use google shopping feed types

What are Google Shopping Feed Types and How to Use Them

The default (primary) product feed on Google Shopping is often enough to set up a successful campaign. At the same time, by experimenting with different Google Shopping feed types and optimising them, you can significantly improve your shop's performance.

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Find untapped potential in your Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping started in 2002, (Froogle) with the goal of providing a user-friendly comparison shopping service for everyone. At this time, listing products were free to do, but you had to pay for sponsored links.

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