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How to Increase ROAS with Google Shopping

How to Increase ROAS by 605% with Google Shopping

Stålhästen started in 2010 with the idea to create a classic, stylish and sustainable bike for everyone. Today, there are over 20,000 Stålhästen bicycles on the streets in Sweden. The bicycle industry is highly competitive and Stålshästen faced challenges in standing out among competitors and reaching potential customers. In 2020, Stålshästen approached Bidbrain for a solution.

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Performance Max: Is the Google All-In-One better?

Is Performance Max a better type of campaign than Smart Shopping or its previous multi-channel versions combined? What do we gain, and what do we lose?

Initially, Google Ads begins with a goal and a campaign. 

Search campaigns for sales and leads, Display and Video for awareness, consideration and expand the reach beyond search results, Shopping for retail marketing and boost a nearby storefront, etc.

Then the advent of Smart campaigns began to integrate automation and multichannel marketing in exchange for a loss of some insights and control.

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